Standard Definition vs. High Definition .

High Defintion (HD) video is the next generation broadcast video standard in North America and many parts of the world. As the price of HDTV keeps dropping, traditional CRT tube TVs are disappearing in everybody's living room. Viewing Standard Definition (SD) video on HDTV enhances the viewing experience. However, people are stunned by the image clarity and quality when watching true HD broadcast on HDTV.
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For digital video distribution method, regular DVD only delivers SD video in resolution of 720x480 interlaced frame (480i). HD videos can be in either 1280x720 progressive frame (720p), 1920x1080 interlaced frame (1080i) or 1920x1080 progressive frame (1080p). As 1080p is very new to the market most HDTV and Hollywood movies are not compatible in this mode.
Because of the high density of image frame size, HD video cannot be fit into a regular DVD disc. Distribute HD video content can be through HD DVD or BluRay
Disc (BD).

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